Babylon Confidential author releases “One Little Pill” documentary – available for pre-order!

Actress Claudia Christian’s memoir Babylon Confidential detailed her battle with alcoholism and how she was able to overcome the disease with The Sinclair Method—a controversial treatment that uses an opiate blocker to correct habit-forming behaviors.

Now, with her new documentary film One Little Pill, Claudia hopes to extend her message of hope and recovery to viewers everywhere. The film is based on Claudia’s journey and follows other individuals using the same treatment. Watch the trailer here.

Featuring real-life stories …

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Award-winning blogger offers vegan recipes for the whole family

BenBella is pleased to announce another exciting upcoming vegan title, Plant-Powered Families, by award-winning blogger Dreena Burton.

Dreena has a passion for creating nutritious, healthy, plant-based recipes her three children will enjoy. The dishes in this book will truly please the whole family—even picky eaters!

Dreena blogs at Plant-Powered Kitchen and offers how-to videos of some of her great recipes, including this one for Cashew Banana Ice Cream:

I am delighted to add this exceptional cookbook to our vegan collection! Plant-Powered Families …

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Pick-up artist’s new title helps women land Mr. Right

Last spring, we released pick-up artist Mehow’s How to Talk to Hot Women, which offered his techniques and wisdom to help men approach and speak to women without coming off as creepy or desperate—no one wants that!

Now, his new book, How to talk to Hot Guys, is doing the same thing for women—a rare find in the pick-up community.

Check out this video of Mehow explaining why he decided to expand his pick-up advice to include women:

Mehow wasn’t always an expert—he …

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