New author Tonya Craft visits BenBella!

The BenBella staff was delighed to meet Tonya Craft today, author of the upcoming memoir Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and the Strength to Forgive, which will hit shelves in September.

Pictured here is Jessika, Natalie, Brittney, Vy, Alicia, Tonya, me, Jennifer, and Sarah.

Thank you for making the trip, Tonya! We’re thrilled to be working with you on Accused.

Do You Want Your Book to Earn Out ?

Michael Shatzkin reveals an interesting statistic here – large publishers estimate that they spend between 36 to 42% of their revenues on royalties (including both advances and royalties). This shows that publishers, as a percentage of revenue, pay a lot more to authors that don’t earn out than those that do.

How much more? Since standard royalties are 10 to 15% of cover price on hardcovers, 7.5% on paperbacks, and 25% of net revenues on ebooks, I’d estimate that standard …

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Fun with Authors

Earlier this month, I had the great pleasure of heading out to Mill Valley to visit with the amazing authors two upcoming books. Beyond Mars and Venus, a revisiting of John Gray’s iconic Mars/Venus paradigm, will be written by John Gray, Warren Farrell, and Marc Gafni. The Boy Crisis, an examination of the challenges facing boys in our modern society, will be written by John Gray and Warren Farrell.

Here is our selfie, taken in Warren’s amazing Mill Valley home:


Here is …

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