Grandparents, this one’s for you!

In the realm of child-rearing literature, it’s a parent-centric world. That’s not to say that the dozens of parenting guides available to parents-to-be aren’t incredibly valuable, but until now there has been a real lack of attention paid to the tremendously important relationship between a grandparent and their grandchild, particularly in the crucial first year of a child’s life.

Author Cheryl Harbour’s new book, Good to Grand: Making the Most of Your First Year as a Grandparent, is the perfect resource …

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The forgotten Ali fight that changed sports entertainment

“Inoki can use his bare fists. He can use karate. This is serious. There’s $10 million involved. I wouldn’t pull a fraud on the public. This is real. There’s no plan. The blood. The holds. The pain. Everything is going to be real. I’m not here in this time of my life to come out with some phony action. I want you to know this is real.”
—Muhammad Ali, June 14, 1976, The Tonight Show


Almost everyone has heard of Muhammad Ali, …

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Beyond Mars and Venus

I’m delighted to announce an upcoming BenBella book–an updated re-telling of an old classic!

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by Dr. John Gray is one of the best selling books of all time, and has been the go-to relationship guide for millions of people around the world since it was originally published in 1992. So much has changed since then, however–the Internet, online dating, the widespread use of cell phones, and the normalization of gay marriage, just to name …

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