Babylon Confidential author releases “One Little Pill” documentary – available for pre-order!

Actress Claudia Christian’s memoir Babylon Confidential detailed her battle with alcoholism and how she was able to overcome the disease with The Sinclair Method—a controversial treatment that uses an opiate blocker to correct habit-forming behaviors.

Now, with her new documentary film One Little Pill, Claudia hopes to extend her message of hope and recovery to viewers everywhere. The film is based on Claudia’s journey and follows other individuals using the same treatment. Watch the trailer here.

Featuring real-life stories …

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Award-winning blogger offers vegan recipes for the whole family

BenBella is pleased to announce another exciting upcoming vegan title, Plant-Powered Families, by award-winning blogger Dreena Burton.

Dreena has a passion for creating nutritious, healthy, plant-based recipes her three children will enjoy. The dishes in this book will truly please the whole family—even picky eaters!

Dreena blogs at Plant-Powered Kitchen and offers how-to videos of some of her great recipes, including this one for Cashew Banana Ice Cream:

I am delighted to add this exceptional cookbook to our vegan collection! Plant-Powered Families …

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Pick-up artist’s new title helps women land Mr. Right

Last spring, we released pick-up artist Mehow’s How to Talk to Hot Women, which offered his techniques and wisdom to help men approach and speak to women without coming off as creepy or desperate—no one wants that!

Now, his new book, How to talk to Hot Guys, is doing the same thing for women—a rare find in the pick-up community.

Check out this video of Mehow explaining why he decided to expand his pick-up advice to include women:

Mehow wasn’t always an expert—he …

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Author finds her calling in creating healthy desserts

BenBella is proud to offer a wide range of outstanding cookbooks, and the upcoming Love Fed: Purely Decadent, Simply Raw, Plant-Based Desserts is no exception.

Author Christina Ross discovered her talent for creating recipes somewhat unexpectedly:

“I am an accidental chef if there ever was one. Until I began playing around with dessert recipes, I had never cooked for anyone. . . It tasted so delightful that I shocked myself.”

As she began to experiment with preparing plant-based versions of her favorite …

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Showing school spirit at BenBella

A group of BenBella staffers wore their college t-shirts today to show some pride for their alma maters. What a fun idea!










Pictured here is Megan (UT Dallas), Alicia (UT Arlington), Brittney (UT Dallas), and Jordynn (SMU).

Marketing Expert Encourages Positive, Passionate Living

Joey Reiman knows firsthand that not succumbing to defeat and negative thinking takes courage and strength. Many of us can relate—but Joey also underscores the importance of something he calls “optimalism,” or the belief that optimism creates optimal outcomes.

A motivational speaker and marketing consultant, Joey founded BrightHouse, a company dedicated to bringing purpose to the world of business. Whether he’s teaching, speaking, writing, or tweeting, Joey inspires people all over the world to live more positively.

BenBella is thrilled to …

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Barbara Stanny on Women’s Financial Success

Check out this great interview with Sacred Success author Barbara Stanny on why women view success differently than men:

The biggest difference between men and women when it comes to money is the following: No matter how much men make, they want more. Once women are financially stable, we are no longer motivated by money. What usually motivates women is the opportunity to help others and a search for significance. Their heart and soul want to make a difference. I …

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“The Path Redefined” author speaks on MSNBC about women in the workplace

BenBella author Lauren Maillian Bias was featured on MSNBC’s The Reid Report in this segment about women leaders in business and equality in the workplace.

Lauren’s book, The Path Redefined, aims to help women succeed on their own terms–and as a serial entrepreneur who rose to the top in there different fields, her wisdom and expertise are invaluable.

Check out this interesting report and discussion:

Former Professor Shares the Keys to Happiness

If money can’t buy happiness, what can? If you asked Dr. Bob Tobin, he might say the answer is courage fueled by passion.

Bob discovered firsthand that wealth couldn’t bring him self-fulfillment. Living in Southern California with a home near the beach and a lucrative career, Bob still wasn’t truly happy, but he couldn’t explain why—what was missing? Then, after a major change in perspective, he made the decision to relocate to Japan and open an art gallery, …

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Craig Duswalt on Axl Rose’s Commitment to a Great Show

I love this fantastic Forbes article featuring BenBella author Craig Duswalt, who wrote Welcome to My Jungle, an inside look at the band Guns N’ Roses during their Use Your Illusion tour.

Another myth that Duswalt confronts in his book is that Guns N’ Roses partied all the time. “Don’t get me wrong, they partied,” he says. “But, before a show, Axl would warm up for an hour in the shower doing vocal exercises. He would get a massage, he …

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