Marketing Expert Encourages Positive, Passionate Living

Joey Reiman knows firsthand that not succumbing to defeat and negative thinking takes courage and strength. Many of us can relate—but Joey also underscores the importance of something he calls “optimalism,” or the belief that optimism creates optimal outcomes.

A motivational speaker and marketing consultant, Joey founded BrightHouse, a company dedicated to bringing purpose to the world of business. Whether he’s teaching, speaking, writing, or tweeting, Joey inspires people all over the world to live more positively.

BenBella is thrilled to …

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Barbara Stanny on Women’s Financial Success

Check out this great interview with Sacred Success author Barbara Stanny on why women view success differently than men:

The biggest difference between men and women when it comes to money is the following: No matter how much men make, they want more. Once women are financially stable, we are no longer motivated by money. What usually motivates women is the opportunity to help others and a search for significance. Their heart and soul want to make a difference. I …

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“The Path Redefined” author speaks on MSNBC about women in the workplace

BenBella author Lauren Maillian Bias was featured on MSNBC’s The Reid Report in this segment about women leaders in business and equality in the workplace.

Lauren’s book, The Path Redefined, aims to help women succeed on their own terms–and as a serial entrepreneur who rose to the top in there different fields, her wisdom and expertise are invaluable.

Check out this interesting report and discussion:

Former Professor Shares the Keys to Happiness

If money can’t buy happiness, what can? If you asked Dr. Bob Tobin, he might say the answer is courage fueled by passion.

Bob discovered firsthand that wealth couldn’t bring him self-fulfillment. Living in Southern California with a home near the beach and a lucrative career, Bob still wasn’t truly happy, but he couldn’t explain why—what was missing? Then, after a major change in perspective, he made the decision to relocate to Japan and open an art gallery, …

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Craig Duswalt on Axl Rose’s Commitment to a Great Show

I love this fantastic Forbes article featuring BenBella author Craig Duswalt, who wrote Welcome to My Jungle, an inside look at the band Guns N’ Roses during their Use Your Illusion tour.

Another myth that Duswalt confronts in his book is that Guns N’ Roses partied all the time. “Don’t get me wrong, they partied,” he says. “But, before a show, Axl would warm up for an hour in the shower doing vocal exercises. He would get a massage, he …

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“Pretty Little Killers” Authors Reveal Details of Skylar Neese Case on 20/20

A recent episode of ABC 20/20, “Unfriended,” featured Pretty Little Killers authors Daleen Berry and Geoffery C. Fuller explaining details of the tragic case of Skylar Neese—a 16-year-old girl murdered by other teen girls she considered her friends.

Their book offers an in-depth look at a horrifying murder that shocked the nation—why did two high schoolers kill their best friend?

We are honored to have published this important memoir. It is unlike anything I’ve ever read.

The two clips below feature Berry and …

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YouTube Comics Offer Guide for Life’s Strangeness

Chances are, if you spend much time on YouTube or social media, you’ve seen a Tripp and Tyler video – maybe it was A Conference Call in Real Life (below), Sh*t Nobody Says, or High Five Etiquette. These guys are seriously funny – it’s no wonder their videos go viral. BenBella is thrilled to have partnered with Tripp and Tyler on their profound and informative book Stuff You Should Know About Stuff: How to Behave in …

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A Reporter Gets in Over His Head

When reporter Pete Crooks set out to write a simple feature article about a local PI firm that only staffed mothers, he never expected the biggest story of his career.

Pete met with the firm’s owner, Chris Butler, who was planning to launch a reality show showcasing his business, set to be called P.I. Moms. Chris invited Pete to come on a ride-along during a covert operation to follow a man accused of cheating on his wife.

After the insane ride-along that …

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Joe Satriani on Creative Freedom

Check out this great interview with BenBella author and guitar ledgend Joe Satriani in Rolling Stone!

When I started to write music that was completely divorced from any sort of idea of commercial success, the real me started to come out. Normally a musician in a session for a pop record would have to discard a lot of ideas because they won’t fit, because they’re not commercial. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I had to keep reminding myself …

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Announcing: Finding Zoe

Deaf since age 6, Brandi Rarus, a former Miss Deaf America, had a happy life and a beautiful family: her Deaf husband Tim and their three hearing sons. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing: Brandi had always felt she was meant to have a daughter.

Across state lines, a baby girl named Zoe had started to lose her hearing. Her adoptive parents agonized—they loved Zoe, but feared they weren’t prepared to raise a Deaf child.

When fate let …

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