A Reporter Gets in Over His Head

When reporter Pete Crooks set out to write a simple feature article about a local PI firm that only staffed mothers, he never expected the biggest story of his career.

Pete met with the firm’s owner, Chris Butler, who was planning to launch a reality show showcasing his business, set to be called P.I. Moms. Chris invited Pete to come on a ride-along during a covert operation to follow a man accused of cheating on his wife.

After the insane ride-along that …

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Joe Satriani on Creative Freedom

Check out this great interview with BenBella author and guitar ledgend Joe Satriani in Rolling Stone!

When I started to write music that was completely divorced from any sort of idea of commercial success, the real me started to come out. Normally a musician in a session for a pop record would have to discard a lot of ideas because they won’t fit, because they’re not commercial. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but I had to keep reminding myself …

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Announcing: Finding Zoe

Deaf since age 6, Brandi Rarus, a former Miss Deaf America, had a happy life and a beautiful family: her Deaf husband Tim and their three hearing sons. But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing: Brandi had always felt she was meant to have a daughter.

Across state lines, a baby girl named Zoe had started to lose her hearing. Her adoptive parents agonized—they loved Zoe, but feared they weren’t prepared to raise a Deaf child.

When fate let …

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Announcing: Mars One: The Human Factor

In 2024, Mars One plans to send the first human mission to mars—four astronauts who will establish a new, permanent human colony on the red planet. More than 200k people applied to be considered for a chance to make history.

But there’s one major catch: Mars will become their permanent home.

If you’re having trouble imagining the type of person who would jump at this opportunity, you’re not alone! Fortunately for Earthlings, there’s a reality show in the works—the show will …

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The solution to your sex problem is that you don’t have one.

We just signed with Dr. Chris Donaghue is a licensed clinical therapist, nationally certified sex therapist and doctor of clinical sexology and human sexuality. His first book, tentatively titled The New Sex, turns conventional thinking on sexuality on its head.

Dr. Donaghue received his Doctoral degree in Clinical Sexology and Human Sexuality, his Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work and completed Doctoral training in Clinical Psychology.  Dr. Donaghue trained in couples and sex therapy at Florida’s Post Graduate Sex Therapy …

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First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors

I’m delighted to announce that we’ve just signed with Laura Doyle, author of the blockbuster bestseller The Surrendered Wife. First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors is her latest book and it’s everything I look for in a book – insightful, controversial and marvelously written.

Andy Kaufman Lives! (Right?)

I had the great pleasure of meeting the awesome Bob Zmuda. If you don’t recall, Zmuda was Andy Kaufmann’s best friend (and was played by Paul Giamatti in the film Man on the Moon).

It will soon be thirty years since Kaufman’s death, and the facts of his life and death have yet to be revealed. Zmuda, along with Lynne Margulies, Kaufman’s girlfriend, they are writing Andy Kaufman: The Truth, Finally. Zmuda promises some amazing revelations.

Here is the incomparable Zmuda:

And …

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The Video Vixen comes to BenBella

I’m delighted to announce that we just signed a deal with Karrine Steffans, three-time NYT bestselling author, to the BenBella roster. I had the pleasure of meeting Karrine for a face-to-face contract signing. Here she is right after signing the contract with the  pen (gifted to her by Bill Maher) that she uses for special occasions:

Here I am with Karrine:

More to come on the various projects we are working on together.

Claudia Christian’s Documentary: “One Little Pill”

Last year, BenBella had the honor of publishing Claudia Christian’s memoir, Babylon Confidential, detailing her battle with alcoholism and her discovery of the treatment that saved her life: The Sinclair Method, created by Dr. David Sinclair.

Now, with her new documentary, One Little Pill, Claudia hopes to raise awareness of The Sinclair Method, which advocates a medicinal approach to treating alcoholism. The documentary will feature Dr. Sinclair explaining his extensive research into alcoholism and treatment, as well as testimonials …

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