More BenBella authors get national media!

There’s some national buzz surrounding two more of our BenBella authors, Tonya Craft and Kim Goldman!

Tonya, whose recent book Accused has already garnered significant positive feedback from media outlets and events in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN (her book signing at a Barnes & Noble there sold almost 500 copies of Accused), will be featured in the national spotlight this Thursday, October 1st, on the Meredith Vieira Show. Tonya will discuss Accused, her book about the high-profile trial in which she was acquitted of 22 counts …

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Pamela Anderson on TODAY

In case you missed it, Pamela Anderson gave an excellent interview on TODAY this week: thoughtful, lighthearted, and honest, just like the book she was promoting, Raw. Below are some behind-the-scenes photos taken by co-author Emma Dunlavey from the interview day, and you can watch the interview in full here.

photo via Instagram courtesy of @emmadunlavey

Jorge Cruise joins forces with BenBella!

I am thrilled to announce an upcoming project with a familiar name: health author/celebrity fitness extraordinaire Jorge Cruise! BenBella has the privilege of publishing his next book, Tiny and Full, this December.


Tiny and Full marks an exciting new focus and direction for Jorge Cruise: Jorge Cruise 2.0. The driving principle behind Tiny and Full is that starting the day without animal products, and then staying full with high-nutrition, low calorie density meals, will keep you full and lead to a tiny waist.


The book will be full …

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Going meatless? You don’t have to rely on “fake meat.”

The transition from a meat-laden diet to vegetarianism or veganism can seem daunting. For many, quitting meat cold-turkey (or Tofurky) feels too extreme a decision to make without adding in some baby steps to ease the transition. This is where “fake meat” comes in. We’ve all seen the meat-imitation products that line the shelves at health food stores (Quorn and shamburgers, for instance), expertly luring us into a false sense of familiarity and assuring us that we don’t have to give up …

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Need a “Mars One” fix?

If the thought of waiting until January 2016 to read BenBella’s upcoming Mars One title (Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure) is too much to bear (and waiting until 2026 to see the Mars One mission itself come to fruition feels even more torturous), then fear not!

Engadget is airing a five-part series about the Mars One mission to colonize Mars, profiling four brave Earthlings who, in the face of danger and uncertainty, will dedicate themselves to going, quite literally, “where no man …

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Billboard interviews BenBella author Karrine Steffans

Exciting news for Karrine Steffans, author of Vindicated: Confessions of a Video Vixen, Ten Years Later. The BenBella author was recently featured in an interview with about her new book, a  “sequel” to her original memoir, Confessions of a Video Vixen.

Check out the interview here. Congratulations, Karrine!


Special delivery! Copies of ‘Raw’ are in!

We were thrilled to see Pamela Anderson’s Raw arrive at the office this week, and to check out this spectacular cover in person. It has been a privilege to collaborate on this project with Pamela, an astute and incredibly gracious author, and I eagerly anticipate the book’s September release!


Congratulations, Pam!

Broadcasting Happiness book launch in Dallas!

We are so proud of BenBella author Michelle Gielan for a spectacular book launch (and for writing such a stellar book)! Broadcasting Happiness is an important book about the power of positivity. Michelle’s own positivity and radiance are infectious, and everyone had a wonderful time at the event! Here are a few pictures from the event (courtesy of Jessica Starr Photography):

The lovely Michelle Gielan

Michelle signing a copy of her book, and “broadcasting happiness” simultaneously!

Michelle with some proud BenBella team members

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New resource for the 17 million Americans with food allergies

The rise of specialized diets in our culture has garnered criticism from some who believe that these dietary restrictions cater purely to picky eaters or fad-abiding dieters.  There is an abundance of scientific evidence, however, that debunks much of this criticism as false. In fact, one major food-related issue that millions of Americans must navigate daily is one that is severely underrepresented: food allergies.


According to the CDC, 17 million Americans suffer from some sort of food allergy, many of them severe, …

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The book that dismantles the “mommy wars”

The topic of working, career-driven women deciding to have children has become a divisive one in the past several decades; often, women face extra scrutiny for their choices. They can be pitted against one another, urged to take sides in the “working mother” versus “stay-at-home-mom” debate.

More millennial women are in today’s workforce than ever before, and while this may lead one to believe that young, professional females have blinders on when it comes to their careers, that is not exclusively the case: according to the …

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