New vegan title offers a more holistic approach to a plant-based diet

Anyone who has made the transition to a plant-based diet (or simply tried to incorporate more vegetables onto their plates) would probably agree that a successful dietary transition depends on more than the diet itself. As with any major transformation, roadblocks that impede positive change can come in many forms: mental or emotional barriers, a busy schedule, social pressures, and more. This implies that the more holistic an approach one takes in order to make a change–addressing as many of these potential “roadblocks” …

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Fascinating New Insights on Raising Successful Children

In large part because of documentaries like Waiting for “Superman,” there is an increased awareness society-wide about the failings of our current educational system; namely, that it is–by design–laden with flaws and offers unequal opportunities to students to succeed. As a result, the school-aged population in the United States has all but lost its global competitive edge, falling in some cases far behind other nations’ students in aptitude tests across myriad subjects.

An upcoming BenBella title offers a solution to our …

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Beyond Mars and Venus cover revealed!

I’m delighted to reveal the cover design for an upcoming BenBella title, Beyond Mars and Venus. The design is reminiscent of the original Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus cover while incorporating new elements that reflect this follow-up book’s message (you can read more in-depth about the similarities and differences between the two books in my previous blog post on the topic).

Perhaps the most noticeable difference in this design is in its use of color. True to this book’s message of inclusiveness, …

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Lunch with Jorge Cruise

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jorge Cruise in NYC recently to discuss his upcoming book to be published by BenBella, Tiny and Full (you can read my previous blog post about the book here). It was a pleasure having lunch with Jorge; we’re all looking forward to the release of the book this December!

Keep up on exciting news and updates from Jorge Cruise and Tiny and Full on Instagram, Twitter, and on the Tiny and Full website.

Thanks, Jorge!

“Finding Zoe” authors named finalists in IPNE Book Awards

Exciting news for BenBella authors Brandi Rarus and Gail Harris! The coauthors of the inspirational Finding Zoe, which was published by BenBella in September 2014 were just chosen as finalists in the 2nd annual IPNE (Independent Publishers of New England) Book Awards.

Finding Zoe is the story of Brandi Rarus, former Miss Deaf America and Deaf community advocate who lost her hearing at age 6 after contracting spinal meningitis, and her adopted Deaf daughter Zoe. Her story is told with the help of Gail Harris, …

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More BenBella authors get national media!

There’s some national buzz surrounding two more of our BenBella authors, Tonya Craft and Kim Goldman!

Tonya, whose recent book Accused has already garnered significant positive feedback from media outlets and events in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN (her book signing at a Barnes & Noble there sold almost 500 copies of Accused), will be featured in the national spotlight this Thursday, October 1st, on the Meredith Vieira Show. Tonya will discuss Accused, her book about the high-profile trial in which she was acquitted of 22 counts …

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Pamela Anderson on TODAY

In case you missed it, Pamela Anderson gave an excellent interview on TODAY this week: thoughtful, lighthearted, and honest, just like the book she was promoting, Raw. Below are some behind-the-scenes photos taken by co-author Emma Dunlavey from the interview day, and you can watch the interview in full here.

photo via Instagram courtesy of @emmadunlavey

Jorge Cruise joins forces with BenBella!

I am thrilled to announce an upcoming project with a familiar name: health author/celebrity fitness extraordinaire Jorge Cruise! BenBella has the privilege of publishing his next book, Tiny and Full, this December.


Tiny and Full marks an exciting new focus and direction for Jorge Cruise: Jorge Cruise 2.0. The driving principle behind Tiny and Full is that starting the day without animal products, and then staying full with high-nutrition, low calorie density meals, will keep you full and lead to a tiny waist.


The book will be full …

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Going meatless? You don’t have to rely on “fake meat.”

The transition from a meat-laden diet to vegetarianism or veganism can seem daunting. For many, quitting meat cold-turkey (or Tofurky) feels too extreme a decision to make without adding in some baby steps to ease the transition. This is where “fake meat” comes in. We’ve all seen the meat-imitation products that line the shelves at health food stores (Quorn and shamburgers, for instance), expertly luring us into a false sense of familiarity and assuring us that we don’t have to give up …

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Need a “Mars One” fix?

If the thought of waiting until January 2016 to read BenBella’s upcoming Mars One title (Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure) is too much to bear (and waiting until 2026 to see the Mars One mission itself come to fruition feels even more torturous), then fear not!

Engadget is airing a five-part series about the Mars One mission to colonize Mars, profiling four brave Earthlings who, in the face of danger and uncertainty, will dedicate themselves to going, quite literally, “where no man …

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