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Cory Doctorow with breaking news “some people are even worse than publishers.”

Just kidding! Cory, a friend of the BenBella, actually published a very nice article in Publishers Weekly reminding us that publishers, for all their flaws, are straight-shooters relative to their equivalents in music and film. As a publisher, I do appreciate Cory’s kind words.

But aren’t authors rising up to defend publishers one of the signs of the apocalypse? …

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Where Publishing Is Heading

I’ve been the Publisher of BenBella for ten years now, and it’s truly awe-inspiring to consider the amount of change this industry has experienced in this time. And to think that I created BenBella to join the sedate publishing industry!

The Nation has a great overview of what’s happening now, particularly Amazon’s rise to an industry-redefining power. …

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BenBella authors make stops in Dallas


Here at BenBella, opportunities for the entire staff to meet authors in person are rare. Last week we had the pleasure of catching up with two BenBella authors, both of whom made stopovers in Dallas during their busy travel schedules.

Lindsay S. Nixon, author of The Happy Herbivore Cookbook and Everyday Happy Herbivore, …

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If Book Publishers are the Turkeys, When is Thanksgiving?

As usual Mike Shatzkin presents the most incisive thinking about what’s happening in this industry. As an independent publisher, I don’t have the luxury of bemoaning or the challenge of trying shape the way the industry is moving. My job is to carve out on ongoing niche in a continually changing industry dynamic. Interestingly, over the last three years, …

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Congrats to Steven Holcomb on bobsled win

U.S. bobsled pilot and BenBella author Steven Holcomb took home the team’s first-ever gold in the two-man race at the Bobsled World Championships on Sunday, Feb. 19. Read the story here:

In his upcoming book But Now I See, to be released later this year, Holcomb discusses his battle with Keratoconus during the height of his career. …

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Dr. Campbell’s Next Book

I’m thrilled to announce BenBella’s acquisition of bestselling author T. Colin Campbell, PhD’s next book  for publication in January 2013!  Picking up where THE CHINA STUDY left off, the next book (tentatively titled WHOLE) will force us to rethink our assumptions about the reductionist science of nutrition. THE CHINA STUDY taught us the “what” of nutrition; …

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Are EBook Royalties Too Low?

The standard ebook royalty, at least from the big publishers, is 25% of net receipts.  Is this the fair royalty level?

Publishers aside, everyone seems to agree that 25% of net isn’t fair. If the general intent of the established royalty rates is to split profits between author and publisher (an ancient but unsourced rule of thumb), …

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Congratulations Rebecca and Christy on your #5 NYT bestseller!

Taming Your Alpha Bitch is now #5 on the New York Times list for paperbacks in Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous. More information here.

This makes BenBella’s third NYT bestseller in the last 18 months, but who’s counting.