Marc Gafni

Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni is a thought leader, social innovator, passionate philosopher, wisdom teacher, and author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self. He holds a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, and is the co-founder with Ken Wilber of The Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think tank dedicated to evolving and articulating a shared global vision of ethics, eros and meaning.

Together with entrepreneur Kate Maloney, Marc is the initiating visionary of the Success 3.0 Summit and RiseUp, which bring together key thought leaders and change-agents to collaboratively weave a bold new Integral vision of Success. A leading public intellectual and activist, Gafni is evolving a post-dogmatic shared language of meaning rooted in the entrepreneurial values of Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up and Outrageous Love. Marc is the leading theorist and teacher of Unique Self Enlightenment and Evolutionary Love. He has been called a master of the heart and a trail-blazing visionary in opening up new possibilities for Conscious Evolution, Unique Self realization and a politics of Outrageous Love. Known for his rare combination of brilliant mind and overflowing heart, he teaches on the cutting edge of philosophy in the West–articulating a new ‘dharma,’ or meta-theory of meaning that is helping pave the way for the evolution of consciousness.

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A Return to Eros

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