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A Season of Stargate

By James Tichenor


from Stepping Through the Stargate

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This is one essay from the anthology Stepping Through the Stargate

What mind-set is at the heart of the television series “Stargate SG-1”? What really goes into the creation of each episode?

Featuring essays from such noted contributors as archaeologist Sue Linder-Linsley, astronomer Sten Odenwald, parasitologist Francine M. Terry, philosopher Daniel Dennet and science fiction author Melanie A. Fletcher, this collection delves into every aspect of the series with the same humor and intellectual curiosity of the show itself. Stepping Through the Stargate also includes commentaries from the show’s special effects head James Tichenor and actor Tom McBeath.

About the Authors

P. N. Elrod is the print-published author of over 20 novels and 20 short stories, and is best known for her ongoing hard-boiled noir series The Vampire Files. She has cowritten three novels with actor/writer Nigel Bennett. She’s edited three collections, including coediting Stepping Through the Stargate for BenBella Books, and is working on a fourth, and writing, writing, writing. Her Web site is She would love to buy Harvey a drink and talk about Crichton’s lesser-traveled subconscious paths, especially if it includes dish on where he got those leather pants.

Roxanne Longstreet Conrad is a worrisome confabulation of persons, including Rachel Caine, Julie Fortune, Roxanne Longstreet, Roxanne Conrad and Ian Hammell (she has no idea what Ian writes, actually, and that’s probably for the best). She has Web sites, the most prominent of which is Until recently, she was a recovering Harry Potter addict. Sadly, the recovery process ground to a halt after she was discovered gazing dreamily at her lenticular Sirius Black wanted poster and her autographed photo of Snape while holding her Hermione Granger wand and wearing her Time Turner pendant. She also was honored by being appointed Head of Slytherin House at The Witching Hour, a 2005 Harry Potter symposium in Salem, Mass. Blackmail photos abound.

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About the Author

James  Tichenor

If 15 years of film work hasn’t driven James out of the industry, nothing will. He’s tried everything—writing, effects, directing, production assisting, editing, you name it. Sometimes he feels like he’s meant to be there, and sometimes he doesn’t. Years and years of “Stargate,” a doomed season of “Kingdom Hospital,” “Warriors of Virtue” and countless TV movies and series. Who knows what the future will hold… .

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