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By Prince Ghuman and Matt Johnson


In Blindsight, a Princeton neuroscientist and marketing director combine their unique expertise to explore the psychology of consumption—through specific neuroscientific principles, they reveal how brands turn individuals into consumers.

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Today’s brands know more about how your brain works than you do. Isn’t it time to level the playing field?

We think of ourselves as independent actors making objective decisions. But many external factors—from the colors we see, to the music we hear, to the stories we’re told—impact our “objective” perception and buying behavior down to the most fundamental, biological levels. That’s why brands exists—and they derive their power from neuroscience. 

With eye-opening science and fascinating real-world examples, neuroscientist Matt Johnson and marketer Prince Ghuman reveal what companies don’t: how brands hack your psychology to drive your behavior. Their goal: to close the knowledge gap between consumer and brand, to let you consume on your own terms.

Blindsight exposes the ways brands architect our behavior as consumers, from which president we choose to how our wine tastes, by affecting our perceptions. It’ll change the way you view not just branding, but yourself, too.

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About the Authors

Prince  Ghuman

Prince Ghuman started his first company while attending UC San Diego. He went on to be the founding head of marketing at BuyAutoParts, one of the earliest automotive e-commerce platforms, which was awarded the title of one of the fastest growing companies in America for three consecutive years by Inc magazine. Prince moved on to be the founding chief marketing officer of ZipZap, a cryptocurrency tech startup in San Francisco. Most recently, he held dual roles as the US director of consumer marketing and the global director of B2B marketing for OFX, a publicly-traded FinTech company handling over $100B in international payments. A contributor to major news outlets including Forbes, Refinery29, Entrepreneur, and Washington Post, he was named one of the ‘Movers and Shakers’ by the San Francisco Chronicle. He is currently a professor of neuromarketing at Hult International Business School in San Francisco.

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Matt  Johnson

Matt Johnson received his BA in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California at San Diego in 2008, and his PhD in cognitive psychology/neuroscience from Princeton University in 2013. His graduate research focused on autism and the neuroscience of human learning, utilizing both behavioral and neuroscientific techniques. He currently serves as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at the Hult International Business School in San Francisco, teaching a range of courses in neuroscience, behavioral economics, and neuromarketing. Matt was selected as one of ten Hult Research Fellows globally. Additionally, Matt is an active researcher in the field of behavioral sciences and neuromarketing, and based on his own primary research, produces a range of intellectual contributions.

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