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Cyber Privacy

By April Doss


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You’re being tracked. Google, Facebook, and Amazon—not to mention the federal government—keep incredible amounts of information about your online and real-world behaviors. 

Understand why it’s a problem.

We live in an era of unprecedented data aggregation, and the trade-offs between individual privacy, personal convenience, and national security and cybersecurity have never been more challenging to negotiate. Technology is evolving quickly, while laws and policies are changing slowly.

April Falcon Doss, a cybersecurity and privacy expert with experience working for the NSA and the US government, has seen this imbalance in action. She wants to see policy catch up, for the protection of individuals and our private data. That starts with spreading awareness.  

In Cyber Privacy, Doss explores the most common types of data being collected about individuals today and delve into how it is being used—sometimes against us—by the private sector, the government, and even our employers and schools. She reveals the trends in technology, data science, and law that directly impact our privacy, based on the digital footprints we leave in our daily lives. Most important, Doss also offers new approaches that can help law, policy, and ethics keep pace with technological change. 

No matter where we live or what demographic groups we fall into, someone is collecting our data: to profile us, target us, assess us; to predict our behavior and analyze our attitudes; to influence the things we do and buy—even to impact our vote. Though government surveillance is one facet of the challenge, data collected by national security programs pale in comparison to the exquisitely detailed user profiles that are being amassed by major brands.

It’s high time to rethink notions of privacy and what, if anything, limits the power of those who are constantly watching, listening, and learning about us. Cyber Privacy offers realistic solutions to restore individuals’ control over information about us that is created, collected, combined, and manipulated every day.

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About the Author

April Doss

April Doss leads the cybersecurity and privacy practice of a major U.S. law firm. Prior to that, she spent over a decade at the National Security Agency, where she was the Associate General Counsel for Intelligence law, and served on Capitol Hill as the Senior Minority Counsel for the Russia Investigation in the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. April is a regular commentator on data privacy, cybersecurity, and national security issues. She has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. April’s articles have appeared in a wide range of publications, including The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Weekly Standard, Lawfare, and SciTech Lawyer. You can follow her on Twitter @AprilFDoss. 

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