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I Have Issues (And You Can Too)

By Courtney Emerson


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Regardless of the results of the 2020 election, the real work begins after November.

Today, women in the United States are more educated and politically ambitious than ever before. However, the record numbers of women running for office, casting votes, and marching for change haven’t translated into full and equal political participation. On average, women are less likely than men to engage in a huge range of important political activities—from speaking up on the issues they care about to holding their representatives accountable.

There are lots of reasons we fail to get involved, despite how much we care. Maybe you’re worried that you don’t know enough to be an effective advocate. Or maybe  the problems seem so big and overwhelming that you feel paralyzed, or like our political system is broken, and you don’t know which tools and tactics will actually create real change. 

Equal parts information and inspiration, I Have Issues (and You Can Too) is both a primer and call-to-action for women of all ages who want to exercise their voice and engage more fully in civic life. It’s the ultimate guide to political activism, filled with practical (and proven) tactics to make your voice heard and have an influence on the issues YOU care about most—whatever those may be.

Many of the skills you need—to get local roads fixed, to ensure your children’s school is a safe place, to engage on issues of reproductive health or global warming or any other issue you’re passionate about—you likely already have. You just need to brush up on the basics and get focused. That’s where this book comes in. Written by Courtney Emerson, cofounder of the All In It Together Campaign, I Have Issues (and You Can Too) is a nonpartisan, nonjudgmental starting point for all women who want to do more but aren’t sure where to start.

This book will help you:

  • Brush up on how our government is structured, and how the legislative process works
  • Find out who represents you and the best ways to reach them
  • Figure out the issues where you can make the most difference
  • Identify the best people to talk to about those issues—and what methods of communication are most likely to make a difference
  • Plan for the kind of long-term civic engagement that actually makes change happen

The question isn’t if you can create change on behalf of the issues you care about. You can. The question is: What’s at risk if you don’t? 


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