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By Matt Johnson and Prince Ghuman


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Today’s brands know more about how your brain works than you do. Isn’t it time to level the playing field?

We think of ourselves as independent actors making objective decisions. But many external factors—from the colors we see, to the music we hear, to the stories we’re told—impact our “objective” perception and buying behavior down to the most fundamental, biological levels. That’s why brands exists—and they derive their power from neuroscience.

With eye-opening science and fascinating real-world examples, neuroscientist Matt Johnson and marketer Prince Ghuman reveal what companies don’t: how brands hack your psychology to drive your behavior. Their goal: to close the knowledge gap between consumer and brand, to let you consume on your own terms.

Midliminal exposes the ways brands architect our behavior as consumers, from which president we choose to how our wine tastes, by affecting our perceptions. It’ll change the way you view not just branding, but yourself, too.

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