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Moving Foreword


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Jon Chattman presents a fun collection of tongue-in-cheek forewords for imaginary books, penned by real celebrities like Moby, Jerry Springer, John Oates and more.

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“This is the most clever book I’ve ever read, or my name isn’t Steve Martin.”
—Comedian Brian Kiley, writer for Conan


A great foreword is more than just a few pages of self-indulgent frippery that comes before a book. A great foreword adds zest. It sets the stage for the page turner you’re about to open, and perhaps even puts you in the locked room where a mystery happens or in the high-button shoes of a year gone by.

A great foreword—sometimes—is even better than the book it precedes.

So why not skip the boring actual-book part?

Moving Foreword is a collection of introductions to imaginary books, written by real celebrities, comedians, musicians, and other writers with something to say. With a real foreword by Rainn Wilson, this book offers a no-holds-barred cacophony of laugh-out-loud funny, poignant, and thought-provoking writing that tackles everything from politics to pop culture, true crime to trout fishing, and Star Wars to skin flicks.

Highlights include:

Bustin’ Through: Confessions of the Kool-Aid Man 
Foreword by “Pop Candy” columnist Whitney Matheson

Sock Puppet Mozart: The Life and Gruesome Death of Randy Masterson

Foreword by actor Thomas Lennon

Stephen Hawking’s Why We Keep Making the Same Mistakes 
Foreword by recording artist Moby

The Lure of the Flies: On the Art of Fly Fishing
Foreword by Adam West, the late, the great, the Batman

Keep Your Gaze on Me: The Murder of Persia Sadsashay
Foreword by Shirley Manson, lead vocalist of Garbage

I’ll Be There for You: The True Story of the Central Perk Murders
Foreword by Simeon Goodson, Brooklyn-bred stand-up comedian

Pizzaz: The Life and Death of Darrell Hammond

Foreword by Saturday Night Live alumnus Darrell Hammond

Blank Pages

Foreword by rock and roll hall of famer John Oates

Nip-Slips: An Illustrated History

Fore(skin)word by Mr. Skin

Everything You Need to Know About Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Regulations
Foreword by New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight

Fly Ball: How the New York Yankees Have Changed Lives
Foreword by talk show host Jerry Springer

Terrible Band Names: A Chronology
Foreword by John Ondrasik, also known as Five for Fighting

. . . any many more!

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