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Raising Our Hands

By Jenna Arnold


In Raising Our Hands, Women’s March National Organizer Jenna Arnold asks white women to have a radical and honest conversation with themselves about race, identity, privilege, and power—and how they can use their influence to take an active role in creating a better future.

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The American white woman is one of the most powerful demographics in the world-economically, politically, and culturally. That’s a simple fact. But here’s the problem: Far too few of us know it and are using that influence to make changes in the best interest of everyone.

In Raising Our Hands, Women’s March National Organizer, Jenna Arnold walks readers through the history they might not know and how that dictates so much of the state of the world. Readers will dive into the many contradictions of ourselves, the part of us that ‘means well’ but is also complicit all in the shadows of a country with similar intentions.

Jenna traveled to all corners of the country having closed-door conversations with American white women. In these “Listening Circles,” she dove into the complicated subjects about identity, power, and our role in the state of the world today. She discovered that American white women, because of their fear of “getting it wrong,” “avoiding the tension,” or throwing themselves on the constant sword to “maintain the peace” regularly table their power and influence on the sidelines when it could be used to save lives, including their own.

These same women often want to step in, to be heard, to help-but they don’t know how. The result? They opt out of taking action altogether.

This behavior extends to the ballot box: Many white women chose not to vote in 2016 because there was no “perfect” candidate. What’s more, despite being the demographic most likely to stay quiet on issues of border separation or sexual harassment, when white women do activate against these issues, they deliver fast, profound results.

In Raising Our Hands, Jenna is asking white women to commit to having a radical conversation with themselves-to admit what they don’t know about race, about class, about privilege, and to dive into it instead of burying it. The objective here is to listen and then to question everything. They need the perspective so that they can understand that it is possible to have been part of the problem and also begin working toward a solution.

Raising Our Hands also provides an introduction to parts of the American story most of us aren’t taught-the parts of our history that get glossed over, and how they influence power and, yes, privilege in the present day. But most important, Raising Our Hands helps you understand how your influence, power, and voice can better serve those most in need, and how you can take an active role in creating a better future.

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About the Author

Jenna Arnold

Jenna Arnold is listed as one of Oprah’s “100 Super Soul Influencers” because she doesn’t have much patience for the status quo. She has been called a “disruptor” in every industry in which she has dabbled from elementary school classrooms to halls of the United Nations, MTV and the White House. For her recent work as one of the organizers of the Women’s March, Jenna was recognized with a Glamour Women of the Year award. The New York TimesWall Street JournalWashington PostForbes, and Fast Company, just to name a few, have recognized Jenna’s work as “shaking up long standing assumptions” and being one of “the biggest ideas in social change” for the work of ORGANIZE, a non-profit she co-founded focused on ending the waitlist for organ transplants in America, for which she was also named one of Inc magazine’s “35 Under 35” list.

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