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Taking the Red Pill

Edited by Glenn Yeffeth

ISBN: 9781932100020

Publication Date: April 2003

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How many layers of meaning lie in “The Matrix”? As the Wachowski have said: “More than you will ever know.”

Taking the Red Pill is a non-fiction book that explores a variety of literary, philosophical, religious and scientific themes in the film “The Matrix.” Taking the Red Pill is targeted at intelligent, intellectually curious fans of the film.

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About the Editor

Glenn Yeffeth

Glenn Yeffeth

Glenn Yeffeth is the editor of several anthologies in the Smart Pop series, including Anthology at the End of the Universe, Farscape Forever!, Five Seasons of Angel, Navigating the Golden Compass, Seven Seasons of Buffy, Taking the Red Pill and What Would Sipowicz Do? He lives in Dallas.

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Publication Details

ISBN: 9781932100020

Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 9in

Weight: 1lbs

Publication Date: April 2003