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What Would Sipowicz Do?

Edited by Glenn Yeffeth

ISBN: 9781932100341

Publication Date: January 2005

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Taking an entertaining, intelligent look at the culturally influential eleven-year run of “NYPD Blue,” this examination includes a collection of essays on topics ranging from the series’ portrayal of race relations in New York City to Sipowicz’s famously thorny demeanor. A media critic, two police psychologists and addiction, interrogation and sex experts (among others!) contribute essays that take an accessible, intelligent look at a show that has redefined the police drama genre. From insightful analysis of the show’s evolution to light-hearted jabs at its quirks, this is a work that will deepen any fan’s Blue experience.

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About the Editor

Glenn Yeffeth

Glenn Yeffeth

Glenn Yeffeth is the editor of several anthologies in the Smart Pop series, including Anthology at the End of the Universe, Farscape Forever!, Five Seasons of Angel, Navigating the Golden Compass, Seven Seasons of Buffy, Taking the Red Pill and What Would Sipowicz Do? He lives in Dallas.

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Publication Details

ISBN: 9781932100341

Publication Date: January 2005