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Permanent Staff

Glenn Yeffeth

Glenn Yeffeth is Publisher of BenBella Books. For 15 years, Glenn was a corporate strategist and marketer who ran companies in Chicago, London, and Dallas. In 2001, Glenn formed BenBella Books (named after Glenn’s children Benjamin and Isabella) to combine his love for books with his passion for marketing. Glenn has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Chicago and a BA in History from Oberlin College. His favorite book is The DaVinci Mole, a little-known work by the eminent philosopher Dr. Ian Browne. More about Glenn can be found at LinkedIn.

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Sarah Dombrowsky

Sarah Avinger is the Art Director at BenBella Books. As many people really do judge a book by its cover, Sarah’s focus is developing cover art to best position BenBella titles in the competitive book marketplace through strong creative direction and design. In addition to designing covers in-house, she also works with a talented team of freelancers and is always looking for new talent. (If interested, please submit your portfolio to!) Sarah is a DFW native and graduated summa cum laude from Texas Christian University before joining the BenBella team. She loves city life, great food, art in its many forms, and as for books, her childhood favorite Ella Enchanted will always hold top billing.


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Sarah Beck is a Publishing Assistant at BenBella Books, where she assists the acquisitions and strategic packaging and positioning departments. She graduated from the University of Denver in 2017 where she studied English and anthropology. Unable to stay away from the mountains, she went back to Denver to earn a publishing certificate at the Denver Publishing Institute. Sarah has an eclectic taste in literature but she most enjoys: Passing by Nella Larsen, Child of God by Cormac McCarthy, Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf, and Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book, she is playing with her dog, writing poetry, or day dreaming about the next trip she will take.


Heather Butterfield is the Senior Marketing Manager at BenBella Books and also oversees BenBella’s plant-based living platform, BenBella Vegan. She has a BA in Communication and Rhetoric from Nazareth College and an MA in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College in Boston, where she currently lives. She’s an award-winning book designer, and loves to geek out about letterpress, baking, and The X-Files. Some of her favorite authors include Elena Ferrante, Emma Straub, and Mary Roach.

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Jennifer Canzoneri is the Senior Marketing Director at BenBella Books. She heads the marketing department, and has been with BenBella for fourteen years. Jennifer graduated from Texas A&M University in 2005 with degrees in History and English. She lives with her husband and son in a Fort Worth suburb, and she enjoys hand-lettering when she’s not at work.

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Aaron Edmiston

Aaron Edmiston is the Graphic Design & Production Associate at BenBella Books, where he focuses on various marketing design and book production roles. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and with a BA in Emerging Media and Communications. When not at work, Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, Dana, and their son, Riley. Aaron is also an avid comic reader, gamer, foodie, musician, and lover of all things related. His favorite reads are anything by the crime/noir comic duo of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (especially Sleeper and Fatale), Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Murphy, and Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra.

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Lise Engel is the Accounting Associate at BenBella Books. Her responsibilities include managing accounts payable, assisting with the royalties process, and managing subsidiary rights records. She comes from a diverse background with a Bachelor of Music degree from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Music degree from the University of Houston in cello performance. She went on to study accounting and subsequently opened a bookkeeping practice where she served businesses including real estate, construction, nonprofit, and music publishing. Lise has traveled extensively as a cellist, performing in such venues as the Paris Opera, Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Carnegie Hall, the Pacific Music Festival in Japan, and the Hollywood Bowl. She has two sons in college and lives in Dallas with her husband.

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Aida Herrera

Aida Herrera is the Administrative Director at BenBella Books, where her focus lies in preparing financial reports, managing the company budget, filing taxes, supervising royalty calculations, managing subsidiary rights for signed contracts, and handling payroll and benefits. 

Aida has a BA in business from the University of Mexico, as well as a certificate in accounting from San Diego State University. She has thirty-plus years of experience managing financial forecasting, budget creation, cost reduction, financial reporting, logistics, project management, sales, and international trade. She has worked in financial, insurance, electronics, non-profit and food industries.

She is a Mexico City native and enjoys traveling all over the world. Aida’s favorite person in the world is her son Max, and she’s a very proud Texas Tech mom. 

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Katie Hollister is the Design and E-book Production Assistant at BenBella Books. She works on the design and interior typesetting of books, and manages the e-book department as a whole. Katie has a BA in English with a Business minor from the University of Texas at Austin and an MA in Publishing and Communications from the University of Melbourne in Australia. When she’s not reading, she’s going for a run, writing, drawing, or watching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. Her favorite authors include Alice Munro, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Sherman Alexie.

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Matt Holt is Editor in Chief of the BenBella imprint Matt Holt Books. Holt was previously Senior Vice President and Executive Publisher at John Wiley & Sons, where he oversaw a team of 85 staff. Over Holt’s 27-year career, he’s acquired over 1,000 titles and published 10,000 titles including: Jon Gordon’s Energy Bus, Larry Winget’s Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life, Patrick Lencioni’s The Ideal Team Player, Jeffrey Gitomer’s The Sales Bible, Ben Stein’s What Would Ben Stein Do?, Joe Calloway’s Becoming a Category of Oneand David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing and PR. Holt acquires roughly 20 titles per year in business, finance, and professional development spaces.

Alicia Kania is the Vendor Content Manager at BenBella Books. She handles all product information needed for retailer listings, including sales copy development, endorsements outreach, and metadata coordination. Alicia has a BA in Advertising from the University of Texas at Arlington, which is located in her hometown. An avid sci-fi/fantasy reader, a few of Alicia’s favorite authors are Becky Chambers, Fletcher DeLancey, and Naomi Novik. In her free time, Alicia is likely on a new travel adventure, visiting art festivals, freelance writing, or maybe just relaxing at home with her cat.

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Adrienne Lang

Adrienne Lang is the Deputy Publisher at BenBella Books and oversees the packaging and positioning of titles. Among many things, she is in charge of sales and publication information, cover development, vendor site listings, coordination of audio and foreign rights, and co-op opportunities. A proud native and fan of all things Kansas City, she somehow found herself in Fort Worth, where she graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in news-editorial journalism and political science, a jaded view of the BCS’ inner workings, and a devotion to Horned Frog football. She has been with BenBella for six years and has held a variety of positions. She, of course, has many favorite books, but will just list The Poisonwood Bible in this instance.

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Monica Lowry

Monica Lowry is the Production Director at BenBella Books. Her main responsibilities include creating and managing design and typesetting schedules for both BenBella and Smart Pop lines; working with authors, editors, and proofreaders to produce an error-free book; and coordinating with printers on everything from project estimates to distribution of final printed books. Monica graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in English and a minor in Business Administration. When she’s not at work, she’s either volunteering at the SPCA of Texas, playing racquetball, or saving the universe (in one of her sci-fi video games).

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Lindsay Marshall is the Marketing Director at BenBella Books. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Lindsay has over six years of book marketing experience and helped develop BenBella’s plant-based imprint, BenBella Vegan. When not helping authors build their platforms and promote their books, Lindsay is likely planning her next travel adventure, reading in her hammock at White Rock Lake, or listening to live music at one of Dallas’ many music venues. One of her favorite reads is From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg.

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Robb Pearlman is the Editor-in-Chief of Smart Pop Books. He joined BenBella from Rizzoli, where he was an Associate Publisher. Over his career, Robb has led the revitalization of publishing and merchandising programs for classic characters including Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, managed book-to-film rights for front and backlist titles, and conceived of and acquired internationally bestselling works based on licensed properties including Star Trek, Bob’s Burgers, Bob Ross and more, from Fox/Disney, Sony, CBSViacom/Paramount, NBCUniversal, WarnerMedia, and many others. He is the author of over 30 books, a frequent guest speaker at pop culture conventions and events, and has been featured as a pop culture expert online, on air, on podcasts, and in print. Robb acquires broadly in the pop culture space.

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Rachel Phares is the Acquisitions Manager at BenBella Books, where she oversees the acquisitions and contracting processes. She graduated from Wichita State University in 2012 with a degree in cello performance and obtained a publishing certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute in 2014. When she’s not working or reading, Rachel is probably playing music (cello and viola da gamba), tending to her dogs and houseplants, or rewatching episodes of 30 Rock. Among her many favorite authors are Jhumpa Lahiri and David Sedaris.

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Jessika Rieck

Jessika Rieck is the Deputy Production Manager at BenBella Books. She supports the Production Director in producing beautiful, error-free, and on-time books. Jessika graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a BA in English literature and an enduring love for the German language. (Her favorite word is herumtollen: to cavort.) When not at work, Jessika is probably reading (YA, science fiction, or fantasy—preferably a combination of the three), baking, or shopping for dresses with pockets.

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Claire Schulz is an Editor at BenBella Books. Previously, she held editorial positions at Da Capo Press and Cengage Learning. Claire has enjoyed working with a wide range of authors, including business leaders, vegan chefs, MDs, journalists, popular bloggers, and celebrity trainers. She holds an MA in Publishing and Writing from Emerson College and a BA in French Language and Literature from Penn State University. Claire could never pick a favorite book (it varies depending on mood and time of day), but the most frequently visited volume on her shelves is Joy of Cooking. 

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Alexa Stevenson

Alexa Stevenson is a Senior Editor at BenBella Books. She has worked in publishing for nearly fifteen years as an editor, a writer, and in production. Her creative work has appeared on NPR and variously online and in print; her memoir, Half Baked, was published in 2010. Do not ask her to choose a favorite book as this impossible task will cause her brain to malfunction spectacularly, like the computer at the end of War Games.

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Susan Welte is the Publishing Assistant at BenBella Books, where she assists primarily in strategic packaging and positioning. Susan holds a master’s and bachelor’s degree—both in English literature—from Emporia State University. In 2017, she also obtained a publishing certificate from the Denver Publishing Institute. When not at work, she be found playing with her pet rabbit and hedgehog (an oxymoron, yes), Googling new restaurants to venture out to, or writing her own science fiction. Her favorite novel is Looking for Alaska by John Green, as it might be for many young adult fiction lovers, but Chaucer also holds a special place in her heart.

Vy Tran

Vy Tran is an Editor at BenBella Books and has worked on titles such as Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change and Accused: My Fight for Truth, Justice, and the Strength to Forgive. Vy enjoys kpop, soccer, and space opera. One of her favorite books is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of San Francisco with a BA in English Literature and lives in California.

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Alyn Wallace is the Acquisitions and Editorial Assistant at BenBella Books. A graduate of Harvard University, with a joint concentration in Folklore & Mythology and Government, she lives in New Orleans. Prior to working at BenBella, she was on a purposeful travel fellowship in South Korea, dancing at 1Million. She’s written a thesis on the relationship of pop culture, politics, and identity in South Korea; penned a novel; plays the ukulele; enjoys random facts; sings all the time; has moved strangers to tears with her acting; favors the color yellow; and thinks that picking a favorite book is far too exclusionary. She has at least a thousand books in her room and, soon, those will include the ones she’s edited and written.

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Tanya Wardell is the Junior Marketing Associate at BenBella Books. A graduate of Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Tanya has over two years of experience in publishing, marketing, graphic design, and bookselling. She previously worked with Deep Vellum Publishing and Bookstore in Dallas, where she oversaw various projects in production, book design, marketing, and nonprofit development. She loves all things typography and dance, and when she’s not working or reading, you can find her hiking in the mountains of Colorado with her dogs, finding new places to explore, or rewatching The IT Crowd for the hundredth time. Some of her favorite authors include Tatiana Ryckman, César Aira, Juan Pablo Villalobos, and Sarah Gerard. She lives in Fort Worth.

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Leah Wilson is Editor-in-Chief of BenBella Books. With BenBella since 2003, she has edited a number of the company’s most successful titles, including the New York Times bestseller WholeDemigods and Monsters, and The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Her responsibilities include overseeing BenBella’s editorial department as well as working directly with authors editorially. Leah has a BA in Culture and Modern Fiction from Duke University.

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Senior Consulting & Freelance Staff

Jodee Blanco

Jodee Blanco advises BenBella on acquisitions, marketing and promotion. She is a seasoned publishing executive with 15 New York Times bestsellers to her credit, five of which reached number one. Jodee has worked with Academy Award winning actors, Emmy Award winning producers and Hall of Fame professional athletes. She is on the faculties of New York University and The University of Chicago. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Book Publicity and The Evolving Woman. For more information, please visit The Blanco Group

Brian J. Buchanan is a veteran writer and editor. He is the former managing editor of the First Amendment Center website, and has worked in public information in philanthropy, education, and advertising. He was a copyeditor at the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat and Chronicle. Buchanan holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Indiana University, and a master’s in English literature from the State University of New York. His reviews, essays, and poems have appeared in the Nashville Tennessean, Literary Matters, Modern Age, Cumberland River Review, Potomac Review and elsewhere. He and his wife live in Nashville.

David Bessmer is a freelance writer whose long career in advertising and public relations has gradually segued into publishing. He has ghostwritten and edited numerous magazine articles and has published more than forty under his own byline. Dave has done editorial work on several BenBella titles, most of them related to science and health. He and his wife, also a writer and editor, live down the road from the Interlochen Arts Academy near Traverse City, Michigan, where they enjoy fishing, paddling, and hiking and also do occasional editing and publicity for a local book publisher. Dave graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in English language and literature. He is the kind of irredeemable English-major nerd who would plan a trip to Ireland around visiting Yeats’s grave and being in Dublin for Bloomsday. Twice.

Eric Wechter is a senior production editor for Penguin Random House, working on front-list fiction and non-fiction titles for a number of imprints including Viking, Portfolio, and Penguin Press. Previously, he was an editor for Fodor’s Travel, where he spent nine years editing guidebooks on the Caribbean, Las Vegas, African Safaris, and many other destinations.

James M. Fraleigh is a freelance copy editor, proofreader, and writer based in northern New Jersey. He began his publishing career as a journal production editor at psychology and social science publisher Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, just as the company was switching from to electronic editing and desktop publishing. This experience subsequently served James well as a newsletter and journal layout artist at Aspen Publishers (Wolters Kluwer) and a managing editor at Advanstar’s RN Magazine. As a full-time freelancer, James typically works on biography, psychology, pop culture, and business titles, as well as textbooks. James is a winning Jeopardy! contestant with an ongoing weakness for useless trivia. He enjoys board games, poker, and visiting nearby New York City, and he tries to get out to Las Vegas at least once a year.

Maria Teresa Hart

Maria Teresa Hart is a Senior Editor at Greatist, where she covers health and wellness subjects and taste tests lots of granola. Before that, she spent seven years as an editor for Random House editing travel-related titles. For BenBella, she focuses on cookbooks and inspirational titles.

Lloyd J. Jassin

Lloyd J. Jassin serves as Counsel for BenBella Books. Lloyd is a well-known publishing attorney with significant expertise in book publishing, television, theater, new media, arts and entertainment clients on contract, licensing, copyright, trademark, unfair competition, libel, right of privacy and general corporate law matters. Besides individual and corporate clients, he also represents trade and industry groups such as the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). Lloyd has achieved national prominence with his book,The Copyright Permission and Libel Handbook, coauthored with Steven C. Schechter.

Karen Levy began her publishing career at Storey Books in North Adams, Massachusetts, and then moved to Houghton Mifflin. She has been an editor for nearly 20 years and specializes in the nonfiction categories of cooking, crafts, how-to, parenting, relationships, spirituality, health and wellness, and home and garden. Karen graduated from Connecticut College with a bachelor’s in psychology and from the University of Massachusetts with a master’s in public health. She spent two years in the Peace Corps as a public health educator and five years working in the field of international education programming before finding her true calling as an editor. Karen lives in her hometown of Boston with her husband and daughter and is a mixed-media artist in her spare time.

Karen Wise is a freelance copy editor and proofreader with more than 30 years of experience in book publishing. She specializes in cookbooks, which is a job description made in heaven, as she is an enthusiastic home cook, quasi-omnivore, and tireless volunteer for various organizations working to end hunger and food insecurity. In between cookbook projects, she happily switches gears to other trade nonfiction genres, such as parenting, self-help, health, biography, film—really, just about anything interesting that comes across her desk. Karen lives outside of Boston with her husband and a bunch of teenagers and cats.

Emily Wise Miller

Emily Wise Miller is a writer and editor based in Dallas, Texas. She is the co-author of two bestselling Top Chef cookbooks, and author of The Food Lover’s Guide to Florence, published by Ten Speed Press. A California native, Emily studied English Literature at University of California, Berkeley, and worked as an editor at Chronicle Books and Weldon Owen Publishers, where she concentrated on cookbooks in the Williams-Sonoma line. Her writing on food, travel, and culture has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News, Saveur, Elle Decor, and other publications. Recently, she has written profiles of Dallas chefs and restaurateurs such as Bruno Davaillon, Stephan Pyles, and John Tesar for the arts and culture magazine, Patron.

Brian Nicol

Brian Nicol’s writing, editing, and publishing career spans more than 35 years, most of them in Hawaii, Oregon, and Nebraska. He was editor of Honolulu, the city and regional magazine of Hawaii, from 1982 until 1990. For a little more than two years, he was editorial director of Aster Publishing Corp. in Eugene, Oregon. From 1992 until 2007, he was CEO of Home & Away Publishing, a AAA-owned media company that produces travel magazines with combined circulation of more than 5.5 million. Over the years, he has been honored with numerous writing, editing, and publishing awards. He has a bachelor of arts in mathematics, a bachelor of science in mathematics education, and a master of arts in U. S. history. He is a Vietnam veteran. His book projects include work for Time-Life Books, BenBella Books, and Alouette Verlag of Germany. He and his wife, Colleen, co-wrote and published Senior Days, a book based on Colleen’s experiences in eldercare. In summer 2012 Nicol published Support Troops, an e-novel of the Vietnam War. In his “spare” time, Nicol writes screenplays; several of his scripts have won national awards. The Nicols have two children, Kevin, 31, and Daniel, 29. And if (when) one of those scripts of his scores a six-figure Hollywood deal, he’s dragging his whole family back to Hawaii.

John Reinhardt

John Reinhardt has been designing books for BenBella since 2002. After several years as senior book designer at Irving Perkins Associates, John started John Reinhardt Book Design in 1992. He has been involved in book design/publishing since 1975 with nearly 1,700 books designed. John lives in Brookline, Vermont with his wife, Lynn. Find out more at

Susan Schulman is BenBella Books audio rights agent, and markets our books to audio book publishers through her agency. Susan Schulman, A Literary Agency, is a boutique agency that represents fiction and nonfiction, playwrights and subsidiary film and translation rights for other agencies and publishers. The agency was founded in 1980 by Susan Schulman who, prior to establishing her own agency, was an agent at International Creative Management in the Literary Department. Prior to working at ICM, Susan taught History of the English Language and Linguistics as well as Renaissance Drama and American Literature courses on the college level. Additionally Susan served as Associate Publisher of Ohio University Press and acquired over 100 titles for the Press.

Scott Calamar started his editorial career at local weekly newspapers in the late 1970s, and he was among the first in the technical writing industry, contributing light-hearted tutorial articles to computer magazines in the early 1980s. He then served as editor-in-chief of a ground-breaking computer book company, and went on to start his own book packaging company in 1995, which he still runs. His skills include editing, writing, developing, and publishing books, newspapers, magazines, software, subscription cards, and websites. These days, Scott edits and develops both fiction and non-fiction titles, enjoying the variety of different genres. He is also a songwriter and performing musician in Southern Oregon, where he occasionally writes for local newspapers.

Trish Sebben-Krupka

Trish Sebben-Krupka is a cookbook author, freelance editor, professional cook, and culinary educator. She is the author of Idiot’s Guides: Canning and Preserving and The Complete Idiot’s Guide Greens Cookbook, and is employed as Corporate Chef at Carl Schaedel and Co., a distributor of luxury kitchen appliances. She is happiest when working in the kitchen, writing about food, and making soup, bread, jam, and pie for her family and friends. Trish lives in her hometown of Belleville, New Jersey, with her husband, Jim, and their posse of former junkyard cats. Her favorite books are Persuasion by Jane Austen and The Classic Italian Cook Book by Marcella Hazan, but she also loves a good ghost story.

Kit Sweeney

Kit Sweeney is a graphic designer and photographer. She earned her BA in Graphic Design from the University of Notre Dame du Lac. After several years working at marketing and graphic design firms, she found her home in the world of publication design. Kit currently lives and works in Japan, where she enjoys exploring and photographing the eastern regions of Asia, as well as eating all the great sushi she can find.