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Press for The New Pioneers

Written by journalist J.P. Faber, The New Pioneers shows the entrepreneurs of today, especially those in urban areas, how they can work around obstacles to create wealth and revive our cities. Small business owners and individual builders have the power to fix what’s broken in society—if only they are allowed to do so. This book is an optimistic look at how we can rebuild our cities and jump-start more small businesses, and how we can make far better use of our resources, both human and physical. The New Pioneers paves a road to success in a crumbling world.

The Seaside Times (FL) — Book spotlight to run for Sept. and Oct., out on September 1, 2017 ahead of Labor Day weekend

Detroit Unspun — Book review on August 3, 2017. From the review: “…definitely worth reading now, a great guidebook for those running for mayor or city council, and an important reference to rebuild our community together.”

Englewood Review of Books — Book review forthcoming [link TK]

Podastery Studios (Ocean Springs, ...

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